Woody Sambo / 無敵珊寶妹

Woody Sambo / 無敵珊寶妹
Nicholas Teo, Amber Kuo, Roy Qiu, Hong Xiao Ling, Wong Yat Fei, Liang He Qun, George Zhang, Zhong Xin Ling, Guan Yong, Tony Fish, Zhao Zheng Ping
Genre: Drama
Sub Genre: Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 19
Broadcast Year: 2008-08-24
Status: complete
English Subtitle: Not Complete
When Sun Wu Di was still a young kid his father was kidnapped. After this event, Wu Di grew up not trusting people even those who he worked closely with. Wu Di has a narcissistic personality where he feels that those below him are inferior to him and he is perfect all around. He has a perfect girlfriend, Zu An, who is independent and smart. He has no worries! He can always depend on himself. That is until he met a girl named Hu Shan Bao.


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