The Graduate / 畢業生

The Graduate / 畢業生
Lin Shi Hui, Zhang Jun Ming, Zhou Xian Zhong, Gu Hao Ying, Wu Jing Min, Xie He Xian, Deng Sheng Yao, Zhang Shu Hao, Huang Zi Xuan, Lin Qi You, Akina Chen, Yan Hui Ru, Huang Ke Jing, Zhou Qi Rong, Ting Huo Xiang
Genre: Drama
Sub Genre: Mini-series
Episodes: 5
Broadcast Year: 2006
Status: complete
English Subtitle: Yes
Episode 1 – Lonely Game
Director Yang Ya Ji Ji’s goal is to convey an invisible sense of painful loss: Some responsibilities can be escaped from (eg. police may or may not be able to catch you), but once some things are lost, they can never be returned to you. That kind of loss cannot be described, but is expressed though words in the episode. We can pretend not to care, but one day we ourselves will experience that kind of pain.

Episode 2 – Black Summer
Scriptwriter Zhao Quan hopes to let youngsters realize that a moment of blind courage can have unthinkable consequences, (eg. you may get hurt, or even lose your life). By then nothing can be saved. Those who live are faced by the prospect of going to juvenile court, and describing the scenes of horror in detail to judges. Using a fictitious story to narrate this fact will leave a much deeper impression on viewers’ minds.

Episode 3 – Fortunately, We’re All Still Here
Director Yang Ya Ji Ji tells a story about two youths who cannot wait to play the hero. At the very last minute, they see their dreams being shattered in front of their very eyes, but escape unharmed. As they reflect back on the incidents that took place, they learn not take risks anymore.

Episode 4 – Mimi’s Wandering Mind
Writer Xia Kang hopes that with the use of a touching story, she can lead youths in their thoughts. What do you do when you feel unhappy, or when you think you have no choice in life? How will you use your limited influence on society to earn happiness for yourself, but not hurt yourself at the same time? By saving a child, law is but an obstacle to cross. What’s most important are the feelings of the people around you.

Episode 5 – Waves of Nature
Choreographer Fu Tian Yu places himself in the minds of young girls to be able to see the things they are going through, and their little waves of changes in life. While growing up, having no friends is a girl’s greatest fear. The acts of betrayal and harm that girls would resort to just to have more friends will harm her victims and the people around her, leaving scars in the victims’ hearts.



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