Engagement for Love / 愛情經紀約

Engagement for Love / 愛情經紀約
Alex To, Lara, Ambrose Hsu, Adriene Lin, Genie Zhuo, Remus Kam, Deng Jiu Yun, Gao Jie, Lu Man Yin, Bu Xue Liang, Anthony, Zhang Chao Min, Xia Tong, Tang Jia Hao, Wang Juan
Genre: Drama
Sub Genre: Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 15
Broadcast Year: 2006-11-12
Status: complete
English Subtitle: No
“Nothing is impossible in the world of 16:9.” ~Tiao Tiao

In the entertainment industry, Xing Tian is known as a blood sucking demon boss. In his totalitarian talent agency, the artists are sucked dry and the support staffs are worked to death… at least according to the rumor mill where Tiao Tiao heard it from. A case of kidnapping and mistaken identity turned these two strangers into fast friends. And a strange pair they are: A 40-something year-old high-power talent agency executive and a 20 year-old hotheaded director wannabe.


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