KO One / 終極一班

KO One / 終極一班
Jiro Wang, Calvin Chen, Aaron Yan, Danson Tang, Stephanie Lee, Sunnie Huang, Zhang Hao Ming, Cai Yi Zhen, Cai Han Cen, Gong Ji An, Xie He Xian, Lu Jian Yu, Ke Tian Bei, Wang Huai Xuan, Xu Zhi Yan, Chen Zhen Wei, Li Yi Hua, Wang Qiao Zheng, Melody, Ba Ge, Hsia Ching Ting, Ye Hui Zhi, Jian Han Zhong, Na Wei Xun, Chen Bo Zheng, A Jiao, Huang Wan Bo, Li Jie Sheng, Liu Er Jin, Deng An Ning, Huang Hong Sheng, Figaro Ceng Shao Zong, Yang Jie Mei, Qian De Men, Li Bing Yi, Zhang Bo Han, Wu Chun, Zhang Yi Jie, Fang Bo Hua, Chen Xiao Fu, Chen De Xiu, Qiu Yi Hong, Deng Hua Dun, Li Ming Han, Cai Ming Xun
Genre: Drama
Sub Genre: School, Comedy, Fantasy, Action
Episodes: 21
Broadcast Year: 2005-11-26
Status: complete
English Subtitle: Yes
KO One is a class designed especially for the delinquents and rejects that other high schools would not accept. Even so, everyone in the class is loyal to the leader, Da Dong, KO.3, and would die for friends. Tied for #3, Ya Se, and #4, Xiao Yu soon join the class and out of some fortuitous events, their lives become tied together and they become best buddies. Another student, Lex, who had been gone for a whole semester, rejoins the class. Although Lex seems like a weak kid with only good intentions, Ya Se suspects Lex is KO.2 because legend say #1 and #2 are capable of concealing their true identities. At the same time, incidents start to occur and the culprit always leads to Ya Se. Is Ya Se wrongly accused? Will the class be able to stand the politics or will it be driven apart?


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