Double Jade Legend / 雙璧傳說

Double Jade Legend / 雙璧傳說
Zhang Tian Lin, Xu Wei Lun, Ting Ting, Chen De Lie, Wang Si Jia, Guan Yong, Fung Cui Fan, Joyce Ni
Genre: Drama
Sub Genre: Romance
Episodes: 22
Broadcast Year: 2005
Status: complete
English Subtitle: No
Before his death, the first generation of the pharaoh king in ancient Egypt, divided one of his most beloved piece of jade into two halves. He said to his descendants: “No matter who is it, no one can re-join these two pieces of jade together again. Otherwise, that person will suffer the most severe punishment.” After thousands of years have passed, the malicious curse of the king vanished along with the pieces of jade and evolved into a legend…

“In a certain corner within this world, there is inevitably someone who looks exactly like you but have no blood relations with you at all. No matter what, you two should never meet. If you two do get acquainted, then the pharaoh king’s punishment will certainly befall onto you.”

After thousands of years, people still remember this legend, but no one knows what this severe punishment is???

This story starts from a game…

Coming from a family with great wealth, Fang Yao De is a well-known, domestic financial enterprise group’s chairman, Fang Jian Shan’s only son. Being spoiled by everyone around him since he was young, Yao De’s personality is playful, arrogant and looks down on the world around him. He is always hanging out around bad places. Women, excessive drinking, racing cars are just everyday activities to him. As a result, his parents are always worried and distressed. Fortunately, Yao De has Zi Jie, who grew up together with him, is his assistant and also his college classmate, by his side to keep him from getting into trouble.

Zhang Ji Liang comes from a poor family background. Being an orphan since he was young, when he grows up, he works at the orchard to make his living. As a result, he becomes good friends with the orchard owner’s daughter, Xiao Jing and Xiao Jing’s classmate, Hong Zhen. Ji Liang is born with a bit of a foolish nature. Determined to climb all the way to the top of the world, he is not willing to remain ordinary for the rest of his life. Therefore, he works extremely hard and hopes that one day, he will make a name for himself…

Due to a graduation trip, Yao De, Zi Jie, his college classmates and his fellow classmate, Yu Yan, who has deep feelings for him, sets out on the journey together. At the same time, Ji Liang, Xiao Jing and Hong Zhen also set out for a trip. These two groups, with no knowledge of each other, gathers together in Singapore. As a result of a careless error, Ji Liang takes Yao De’s cell phone by mistake. After returning to the country, they both agreed to meet to return each other’s cell phones. Who would have thought that when they both meet, they are both shocked and stunned. Because, these two people who have no relations with each other, look exactly alike!!

Under Yao De’s recommendation, they both decide to exchange identities and experience each other’s lifestyle. In the beginning, they both felt that this was an amusing little game that they are playing. Yet, they never could imagine that this game gradually starts to deteriorate along with the greediness of human nature. In the end, this will push these two people towards a terrible abyss that is beyond redemption for them both.



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