Hi! Honey / 嗨! 親爱的

Hi! Honey / 嗨! 親爱的
Pace Wu, Shi Yi Nan, Margaret Lin, Harisu, Eddie Xu, Gao Cong Kai, Chen Bai Yu, Fu Lei, Sun Xing, Liu Yu Kai, Li Chen Xi, Xu Jie Hui
Genre: Drama
Sub Genre: Romance
Episodes: 21
Broadcast Year: 2004
Status: complete
English Subtitle: No
This is a modern era and at the same time, it is an era for creations. There have been lots of stories about young people who have built up their own businesses. Yet, to be as outstanding as Shu Li, a young guy brimming with talent, there is after all a small number of people like him on the business market today. The products that he designs and also personally a spokesperson for, becomes a fashionable and popular mark. The franchise shops also brings to him all the wealth. This arrogant guy with a big family fortune becomes the idol that every girl dreams about and the guy that every girl chases after. Yet what is the famous Shu Li seeking and wishing for?

Tian Zhen is just like her name. She has an enthusiastic, rebellious, genuine personality and doesn’t care about the little things in life. She, who likes drawing/painting and racing cars, have never thought that she would become a famous artist. Based on the pampering from her father and the superior environment that she grew up in, it produces her unrestricted, independent and strong temperament. Towards her, there is nothing her father could do. Tian Qing is very sensitive. An attentive and obedient daughter. Seeing her sister’s rebellious nature, Tian Qing is even more obedient toward her father’s words. She believes that loving her father is not only just filial; but it is also to understand obedience. As a result, she gets overprotected by her father. A girl who doesn’t know the happenings in the world outside. Besides, Tian Qing shows exceptional performance in all aspects of things and gets the deep love from her father. Because their mother passed away early, the two sisters’ relationships are strangely very close. Especially Tian Zhen, who is the elder sister. Even though the sisters’ age are close to each other, yet Tian Zhen has always been very caring toward her younger sister. Because before her mother passed away, Tian Zhen promised her mother that she would take good care of her younger sister.

Tian Zhen’s interest is in racing cars. When she is busy at the racing track with her car racing, her younger sister, Tian Qing, is busy with her university dance society’s graduation performance. Tian Qing is studying designing. She wants wholeheartedly to use what she learned to become a famous designer one day. She, who regards Shu Li as her idol, proceeds to Shu Li’s company to apply for the position of assistant designer. Yet she came with hope and left with disappointment. Shu Li tells her: “Your level has still not reached my standard yet. Perhaps you could come and try again in a couple of years!” Tian Zhen, who accompanied her younger sister to apply for the position, even though she and Shu Li have met once before, didn’t know that this “humble” guy in her eyes is actually her younger sister’s idol. Knowing about her younger sister’s profound feelings and regarding the fact that Tian Qing hasn’t been employed, Tian Zhen is outraged by the injustice!

Even though she didn’t get the job, yet Tian Qing is still very happy at the prospect of her upcoming graduation from college. As a result of her father’s strict upbringing, that is why she asked that Tian Zhen give her a very different graduation present. Her request is for Tian Zhen to bring her to a Pub that she has never been to before and let her have a happy time. This little girl that has been protected by her father since young wants to come out and see the world now! Even though Tian Zhen feels that she is disobeying her father’s rules, but she couldn’t bend Tian Qing’s wish and agreed to her request!

The two sisters make up an excuse to hide it from their father and headed off to the Pub where the young people gathered, having a wonderful night out. Who knew that the pure Tian Qing would catch the eye of a bad youngster at the site. He quietly follows her to the parking lot and takes the opportunity to rob her. Under their struggle, even though Tian Zhen relied on her wit and courage to save her sister from the situation, yet it cause the two sisters to come in contact with this horrifying experience…

As a result of the economy in a recession plus the business being in a bad shape, their home “Xin Yuan” and the gallery has to be sold to someone else and each day, they must pay interest so that they can manage with much difficulty to continue on. Owing to the fact that his wife died early, he who loves his daughters, he didn’t want his two daughters to be worried about the family so he deliberately hide the facts from them and solely takes the burden on his own shoulders… And when the debtors can’t get the money that they loaned out, they announced that they would do something harmful to Tian Zhen and Tian Qing…

Shu De, who is distressed with all the debts and also worrying about his daughters’ safety, when he brings the two girls back, he started having misunderstandings toward Tian Zhen and believes that Tian Zhen got into trouble again. Tian Zhen was resentful of her father’s punishment and started arguing with him. Shu De, who couldn’t tell his daughter all that he is going through and having a heart disease all along, his illness worsens even more.

Tian Qing injured her ankle while trying to stop the bad youngster from harming her elder sister. The following day is the dance performance, the guests all gather together and Shu Li is within the crowd too. Tian Qing is on the stage and extremely excited but Tian Qing fell on the stage. Tian Qing is sorry at herself for the mishap. Tian Zhen comforts her and also apologizes for Tian Qing’s mishap, believing that she is the one that is responsible for Tian Qing’s mishap. Shu De hears the two sisters’ conversation and is extremely angry. He feels that it was Tian Zhen who caused her sister the mishap and demands that Tian Qing immediately returns back to their home “Xin Yuan” the next day.

Returning home, Shu De, whose anger has still not disappeared yet, is dissatisfied with Tian Zhen’s behavior. He reprimanded Tian Zhen and caused Tian Zhen to feel wronged. Tian Zhen is upset and feeling sad, goes back to her room. When she receives her good friend, Xiao Man’s phone call, Xiao Man knows that Tian Zhen’s mood is not good and asked Tian Zhen to come out and talk. Tian Zhen couldn’t refuse Xiao Man’s good intentions and slipped out of her room to the café near Xiao Man’s home to chat. Tian Zhen has turned on the music in her room and at the same time, the wires caught on fire. The fire inside Tian Zhen’s room rapidly started spreading and couldn’t be controlled. Shu De, who is in a deep sleep, is choked awake by the dense smoke. He frantically gets out of bed to check it out. He discovers the fire coming from Tian Zhen’s room. He wakes up Tian Qing and tells her to run outside. He then runs into Tian Zhen’s room thinking to save Tian Zhen. In his panicking state, Shu De has a heart attack and fell unconsciously onto the floor.

Tian Zhen and Tian Qing are chatting and watches as the whistling fire trucks pass by one by one. The two of them were curious and went forward to see what the excitement is all about. Who knew that there was an accident at home. When they arrive at the fire scene, that’s when they find out that their father has perished in the fire.

Encountered with the abrupt accident of her father’s death, Tian Zhen contains her pain and sorrow and tells Tian Qing. From now on, they will hold on to their parents love, two sisters helping each other out, and continue to live on strongly! To one’s surprise, Tian Qing criticizes Tian Zhen for her negligence and causing the death of their father. No matter how Tian Zhen tries to explain, Tian Qing, who is deeply hurt at the lost of her father, misunderstands and would not listen to any explanations. She says that she doesn’t want to see Tian Zhen again and runs away from home…

Finding out that her younger sister has ran away, Tian Zhen anxiously goes all around trying to find her whereabouts. Not only did Tian Qing turn her cell phone off, but she also borrowed her classmate, Zhi Zhi’s home to live, deliberately hiding her whereabouts… That day, Tian Zhen heard the doorbell ringing and thinks that Tian Qing has changed her mind and returned home. Who knew it was actually people from the loan company coming for a visit — telling her that this Xin Yuan and the gallery has been sold off when her father was alive. Now they have to sell it to the new owner and orders her to move out of Xin Yuan within the limited time.

These shocks and unforeseen events are happening one right after the other, causing Tian Zhen to be unable to accept this fact. She headed for the lawyer’s office to understand the situation and carelessly gets bumped into on the staircase by Shu Li, who has just bought Xin Yuan. She fell down the stairs and broke her leg. Shu Li sends her to the hospital and a cast is placed on her leg. After Shu Li pays for the bill and sends Tian Zhen home, he thought that his responsibility is finished and could leave. Yet, Tian Zhen, because of the inconvenience of her movements, put forth many requests. She wants this guy that bumped into her to help her prepare enough food and drinks for her. Shu Li, who has always been above others, being that this is the first time that he is being pointed to do this and do that by a girl, he is feeling very unwilling in his heart. But due to the fact that she is injured, he was forced to do it… Finally, being able to get away with much difficulty, walking out the front door, Shu Li finds out that this is the house, Xin Yuan, that he has bought!

Even though it was hard for her to accept the fact that Xin Yuan has been sold, but Tian Zhen still left a message on Tian Qing’s cell phone with the message…

Shu Li moves into Xin Yuan and very impolitely demands that Tian Zhen move out. Tian Zhen doesn’t want to give up and leave this home which at one time is where she happily grew up. At the same time, she is worried about when Tian Qing comes back, there won’t be a home for her to return to. For this reason, no matter how Shu Li tries to hurry her or even mock her for lolling around, Tian Zhen would stubbornly and firmly guard this home… And Tian Qing, even though she doesn’t understand her elder sister, but home is still home. When she hears the message she stealthily returns back to Xin Yuan. When she almost arrives at the front door, she meets up with a guy from the flower shop that is delivering flowers. Mistakenly, she thought that it was Tian Zhen who ordered the flowers. Unknowingly, in fact, it was Jia Ling who sent the flowers for the purpose of celebrating Shu Li’s move to a new home. Tian Qing thought that this was a lie of Tian Zhen’s to deceive her to come home and becomes even more resentful!

Under the grounds of lolling around, being persistence and trying to win other’s sympathy, Shu Li agreed to let her stay in Xin Yuan. However, the condition is that she will have to be his servant — Tian Zhen suddenly turns from a rich, pampered girl into a maid that attends a young master. Even though it feels wrong in every way possible, yet she would be able to stay and guard Xin Yuan. She’ll be a servant then!

With her injured leg still unhealed and propped up on crutches, Tian Zhen started her career as a maid. Due to the fact that she doesn’t understand Shu Li’s habits, she would frequently get into trouble and cause Shu Li to be angered. Master Shu Li, who has always been a bit egotistic and arrogant, meeting up with this proud and reckless maid, not only did he not become soft with her but he retaliated, a tooth for a tooth and one revenge for another revenge. In the same house where these two people lives, there are fights and arguments everyday…

Having always been protected by her father, being a rich girl and not having to worry about anything, acting as she pleases, nowadays, for Xin Yuan, Tian Zhen would even be a maid. How else can she not yield? Tian Zhen recalls her talent in painting/drawing, not only did she accepted a publishing house’s drawing job, but she also helped the gallery to copy a famous painter’s oil paint. She works constantly day and night. Shu Li, who never looked highly on money, concluded that she is a girl that worships money. Tian Zhen doesn’t hide her frankness — She has a dream, hopes that one day, she would be able to buy Xin Yuan back, “I’m waiting for that day… if there is that day”, and just like the way they usually get along, Shu Li is very happy to accept her challenge!

Running away from home, with no family members to control, is like a bird that left the cage and could fly anywhere! Tian Qing doesn’t have much money left on her, relying on a few credit cards, she doesn’t have to worry about having no money to use. She searches to rent a room, selects and buys her furniture, decorates the little nest that belongs to herself. She wants to live independently and prove that she is not the girl that doesn’t know the affairs of the world as Tian Zhen says she is. Full with longing, she throws herself in the direction of a new life and future… Yet, her first step at finding a job is not that easy, but it didn’t discourage her. Her credit cards temporarily allows her to be unbothered by reality. And this young heart is not fearful and doesn’t understand that down the journey of life, the unknowns are not as peaceful and happy as in the dreams…

Getting along with each other is really very subtle. Tian Zhen and Shu Li, who are like fire and water, after going through a period of time of living together, even though they argue continuously, yet they gradually started understanding each other — Tian Zhen feels that Shu Li has his strong points and Shu Li starts feeling that Tian Zhen does have her own cute side… but when she is in her hateful state, she still gets on his nerves! This day, when Tian Zhen is cleaning up the room, she accidentally damaged a jewelry of Shu Li’s. After Shu Li discovers this, he got angry and after making Tian Zhen pay for the damage, he left angrily.

It was only an object that is not worthy of much money, threw such a huge temper, he is simply being difficult! Tian Zhen also becomes resentful! Wonder how much it costs to fix this thing? In order to save money, Tian Zhen decides to try it herself!

Shu Li is getting himself drunk at the Pub. This jewelry brings back some deep memories. It represents his failed love relationship and it was also because of this relationship that caused him to fly from France back to Taipei, becoming a cold, arrogant guy. Using disdainful, mocking eyes to look at all the girls that circle around him, he doesn’t have any feelings at all… In the eyes of the people on the outside, they would see him as a playboy. This night, when Tian Qing sees her idol and a girl that he just met at the Pub, holding onto each other and leaving, she felt really bad. Did the status of her idol in her heart disappear? No! Tian Qing really wishes that she is the girl that is being held onto his side — even though she can’t become his girlfriend, just as long as she can get close to him, see him frequently that is also good, also good…

After Shu Li leaves the Pub, he immediately dumps the girl that is holding onto him. He doesn’t need girls to be running into his embrace, doesn’t need one night stands, and a love that could cause fireworks has already extinguished in the past… just like this damaged jewelry, it has become a regret that cannot be made up… Returning home from the bar, Shu Li falls on the bed and goes to sleep. Tian Zhen calls him but he wouldn’t wake up. She could only do her duty to take off his shoes and cover him with the blanket. Hmph! If it wasn’t because she is a maid, she would have thrown this damn fellow, who makes one mad, out the door! The following day, Shu Li wakes up and sees this jewelry, he immediately goes to find Tian Zhen, who was startled by this silent and non-talkative attitude. Tian Zhen hurriedly tells him “If you don’t like the way I fixed it, then I’ll take it to the shop to have it fixed!” Who knew that Shu Li would actually say some astonishing words. He believes that Tian Zhen possesses the talent for designing and she might as well go to his company to work. He is willing to promote her from a maid to an assistant designer — Ha Ha ~~ I don’t wish to see you, this guy, from morning till night every day, Tian Zhen said. She tells him that she won’t accept his “promotion!”

In order to get close to Shu Li, Tian Qing goes to Shu Li’s franchise of jewelry shops to work as a salesperson. However, she is disappointed! She’s been working for a couple days now and has never saw Shu Li coming in. Asking her good friend and also co-worker, Zhi Zhi, she finds out that Shu Li rarely shows up. It is always his assistant, Jia Ling, who comes to inspect. Tian Qing is really envious of Jia Ling. She could be so close to Shu Li. Yet, Jia Ling, who has always had a secret crush on Shu Li, even though she is Shu Li’s competent assistant, she has also dropped him lots of hints repeatedly but he has never made any comments!

Going to work everyday, hoping that her idol will show up, startled to find her existence, but she returns home with disappointment day after day… Tian Qing started to feel depressed and lonely. That day Tian Qing meets up with some sort of a driver and Chen Wei happens to pass by and help her out of danger. When Tian Qing goes to the convenience store around the corner to buy some things, only then did she know that the youngster who had helped her the other day works at this store. Like many other working girls, this store gradually becomes the place where she solves her problem of her three meals a day. Each time that Chen Wei hands Tian Qing the porridge that is heated up by the microwave, there would be a warmness that comes from the hands causing a warmness to temporarily flare up in the heart too…

Chen Wei wants to speak a few more words with her, know more things about her, but each time that he sees her he would get red in the face with the heart beating faster and he would hurriedly hide away. Yet, he couldn’t help but show care and concern towards her…

Tian Zhen is not willing to accept Shu Li’s promotion to be his assistant designer but it was also because of this that gave rise to her interest in designing jewelry. Therefore, when the publishing house’s editor, Xiao Man’s birthday comes along, Tian Zhen made a jewerly as a birthday present. When she sees the startled delight of Xiao Man’s expression, Tian Zhen was extremely happy herself! Hey! It was one in a million. The thing that she designed by her own hands, not only was it loved by her friend, but it also helped her save the money from buying a gift. Money should not be casually wasted. If she wants to buy Xin Yuan back again, she would need an astronomical amount!

Being able to make one’s dream come true is a way to prove one’s ability! After all his hard work, Shu Li finally wins the purchase order of Italian buyer, Mr. Avalon. This purchase order that was not easy to come by, the important thing is not that it increases their achievement again, but it is his father. His father is the shadow in Shu Li’s heart. He, who is an only son, after having a father/son conflict, he goes back to Taiwan solely for his own development. The purpose is to prove that even without relying on his father, he could still start his own business!

Yet, Shu Han Ji won’t let his son go so easily. Shu Li is the heir that he educated all by himself. He will definitely not fly out the palm of his hand! When he finds out that Shu Li is the one that took away long-time client, Mr. Avalon’s order, he decides to return to the country to face his son! With the accompaniment of Guan Shang En, who has worked beside him for many years, Shu Han Ji walks straight into Shu Li’s workshop, ordering Shu Li to return to his side. “Since I have returned, I will not go back!” Shu Li flatly replied to his father’s authoritative and domineering request!

His son won’t listen to him so he is forced to any methods to force him to yield. Shu Han Ji decides to set up another office in Taiwan. His objective is to strike out at his son’s company until it collapses. If this happens, Shu Li, who loses everything, would he not obediently return to his side? Therefore, he left Guan Shang En in Taiwan to carry out this task! Shang En is the good friend that Shu Li grew up with. He couldn’t bear seeing the father and son going up against each other and persuades Shu Li to go back to his father. Shu Li tells Shang En not to be concerned and just go about doing his things!

Working over at the convenience shop would only pay less than $80 for an hour, but the more Chen Wei works, the more energetic his is. He waits for Tian Qing to step into the shop and heat up the porridge that she likes in the microwave. Due to the fact that they see each other regularly, he and Tian Qing would gradually start conversing a few sentences. In addition, they started talking more and more. He doesn’t know if this kind of getting along is considered to be her friend or not?

Zhi Zhi finds a boyfriend and each day after work, Tian Qing would see her happily go out on a date. Yet Tian Qing would only return home alone and dream about her and Shu Li’s date… One time, she also did gather up her courage and took the initiative to make up an opportunity of “meeting by chance” with Shu Li but Shu Li seems to have forgotten about her already! That’s not surprising. Shu Li must have seen lots of different girls. How could he remember her that hasn’t been hired as an employee yet? Aye! Have a bowl of warm porridge to warm up this cold mood!

When one is in a depressed mood, if there is someone who would talk with you that would be so great! Tian Qing uses “I have a friend like this…” to pour out her ‘things don’t turn out the way it is planned’ sort of mood. The following day, Chen Wei took a newspaper to give to her. Published on top is an announcement titled “Acclaimed International Milan Jewelry Company’s Designing Competition.” He wants her to pass the information on to “her friend” to go and participate in the competition. In the event that one gets selected, then one’s wish to become a designer would come true!

Tian Zhen finally has Tian Qing’s news and that’s because she received the bank’s credit card payment notice that is sent to Tian Qing. The total amount is close to $200,000. Tian Zhen sold the car in order to help her younger sister pay off the credit card bill. Even though her heart is hurting, but seeing that her sister has ran away from home and is still able to spend so much money, it is clear that she is living very well. Thinking like this, although there is still no information on Tian Qing, yet Tian Zhen still feels a little better! And life is a succession of unexpected and amazing things! One day, Tian Zhen receives Milan Company’s telephone, telling her that her work has been chosen for the competition and inviting her to design another work to enter into the finals. Tian Zhen was speechless? She hasn’t participated in any designing competition! Actually, it was Xiao Man who secretly took her birthday present and entered it into the competition. Seeing the amount of the award money, Tian Zhen decided to give it all her best!

Tian Zhen used the theme of “Zhen Qing – True Love” as her work. However, she gets notification from the general assembly that stipulates all finalists must be dressed formally and personally reveal their own work. The cost of the formal wear is immeasurable and whether or not she will be able to win is still unknown. Weighing this in her mind, Tian Zhen decides to give up! To one’s surprise, Shu Li actually gives her a formal dress and Tian Zhen is extremely surprised! Even though their relationship is not as bad as when they first started out, there are times when they both take care of the other and occasionally, there would be some strange and fuzzy feeling… However, she just had an argument with him over something very little not long ago, why would he give her a formal dress?

“Because I want to see the disappointed look on your face when you don’t win but if you back out before it happens, then I won’t be able to see it…” Shu Li replies this way. But is this what he truly feels in his heart?

On the day of the competition, Chen Wei especially took off from work in order to give support to Tian Qing. When Tian Zhen finds out that her sister is also one of the five finalists in the competition, she had the thought of withdrawing. But she was blocked by one of the staff that is hosting the competition and urges her onto the stage. She stiffly goes up on the stage. When the host, Guan Shang En, introduces the judges, she discovers that Shu Li is actually present! The result of the finals are announced, Tian Zhen’s work of “Zhen Qing” wins. Aside from the award money, she gets an employment contract too. Tian Zhen’s mind is not on participating at the celebration feast and hurriedly rushes after Tian Qing… “Why aren’t I as good as you?” Tian Qing’s dream is shattered and takes her anger out on Tian Zhen. It wasn’t easy for Tian Zhen to be able to see her sister and this was not the outcome that was expected!

Tian Zhen, who won, did not feel the joy that she was anticipating and she even wanted to decline the employment contract. Shu Li understands where she is coming from. And Chen Wei couldn’t bear to see Tian Qing so dejected so he hides the fact from Tian Qing and gathered up his courage to go see Shu Li. He criticizes Shu Li for not caring about his own employees and also requests that Shu Li give Tian Qing an opportunity to move forward. From this, Shu Li finds out that Tian Qing is a salesperson at his own company. Should he reply to Chen Wei’s request or not? Shu Li decides to transfer Tian Qing to the designing department and doing this because he is moved by Chen Wei? Or is it because he doesn’t want to see Tian Zhen unhappy?

After she finds out that Shu Li has appointed her sister as a designer, Tian Zhen is at peace and goes according to the contract to Milan Company to work. With a job now, it’s bound to happen that she is no longer going to be able to do the work of a maid. Then there won’t be a reason for her to live in Xin Yuan! When Tian Zhen places an inquiry to Shu Li on whether he wants her to move out, Shu Li is silent and didn’t answer. “He didn’t open his mouth to urge her to stay. Does that mean he wants her to leave?” Tian Zhen guesses at his meaning! When Shu Li returns home and sees that Tian Zhen has already left with her luggage, he tells himself that even though the house is quiet, but without a squabbling person is not bad either! To one’s surprise, Tian Zhen uses the reason of “It’s going to rain soon and wasn’t sure if you gathered the clothing that is hanging outside to dry.” to come back. Hmph! Where does it look like it will rain? It’s clearly an excuse! Although Shu Li understands that it is an excuse, but don’t know why, he feels very happy in his heart…

Tian Qing is transferred to the designing department, she wishes to strive hard to show her performance. When she enters into Shu Li’s workshop and discovers a picture of “Xin Yuan” hanging on the wall, she was totally startled. “Why is this picture here?” “Not only this picture, but even the house is his!” Jia Ling helped Shu Li repond to Tian Qing’s question. Tian Qing understands that Tian Zhen did not lie to her before. Therefore, she takes the initiative to go and find Tian Zhen and apologizes for her behavior in the past. Tian Zhen is very pleased and invites Tian Qing to move back to the house to live. “With your tone of voice, it seems like you are the owner of Xin Yuan…” Tian Qing boldly questions her sister, isn’t it like that? She is already living in someone else’s home, what right does she have to invite her sister to come and live too? “We will work hard together and buy back Xin Yuan!” Tian Zhen said. “Dreaming like that? How big an ability do we have? It’s not possible!” Tian Qing doesn’t approve of her sister’s dream. Even though that is the case, but their misunderstandings have disappeared and they are back to their sister relationship again!

Tian Qing fulfilled her dream to be a designer and hopes that she and Shu Li could move forward even more… This day is Tian Qing’s birthday. She gathers up her courage and invites him to celebrate her birthday with her. At the restaurant, Tian Qing waits for the appearance of Shu Li… The person who comes is actually Jia Ling. She tells Tian Qing to stop being so foolish! Shu Li’s heart would not move for any girl because he has never been able to forget his first love. Tian Qing remembers back to the night when she met Shu Li at the Pub. When Shu Li reaches for his wallet, a photo fell out at one time and when she picks it up for him, she took a glance at it. Is it that girl? Right! According to Ling’s answer, this girl is called Cheng Jie. Originally, it was because of Shu Li’s father’s opposition, who used money to bribe Cheng Jie’s heart and because of this, Cheng Jie leaves Shu Li. Since then, not only did Shu Li broke away from his father’s control, but he also doesn’t believe in love anymore!

Chen Wei buys a small cake and waits in front of the apartment. Tian Qing returns and happily expresses that Shu Li just celebrated her birthday with her. This is her most unforgettable, most happy birthday… “There is someone with her, keeping her happy… that is so great…”

Chen Wei hides the sadness in his heart and after sincerely giving her good wishes, he leaves. Tian Qing remembers that the illusion that she has just said to Chen Wei before couldn’t possibly come true and couldn’t help from being sad.

As a result of work, Tian Zhen and Shang En becomes working partners. They would frequently come and go together and also often work over time until late night. Shang En starts having feelings for Tian Zhen and this gives rise to pursue her… And after working late each time, when Shang En takes Tian Zhen home, Shu Li would not show any expressions on the surface but within his heart, he is feeling discontent.

Tian Zhen’s design, “Qi Yi Xing Zuo”, is finished and when it was ready to be released in the market, Shang En comes up with an idea and wants Tian Zhen to use the identity of “Designing World’s Newest Shining Star” to personally be the spokesperson for the product. Tian Zhen couldn’t refuse and accepts it with much difficulty! Shang En surely has an intelligent eye. After a complete makeover, a series of advertising pictures are released. Tian Zhen is as dazzling as the stars. As a result of having the support of huge funds, Shang En decides to not only throw out a big budget on advertising and publicizing, but also to lower the price and release out to the market. Sure enough, on the day of the conference, they receive good comments from everywhere. The sales capacity in the market is having excellent figures!

Faced with such a powerful opponent, Shu Li’s franchise shop experiences a deficit in sales for the first time. Everyone feels the crisis in the office. Someone raises the idea of lowering prices to fight the opponent, might as well fight back! Shu Li believes that it is not a long term plan. He pretends to be relaxed to appease the others, but in actuality, he is feeling the pressure inside of him…

On the front of business, they have become opponents and returning home, Tian Zhen and Shu Li are still living under the same roof. This sort of relationship is nerve wracking and delicate. When Tian Zhen sees Shu Li’s distress, she couldn’t help but express that she didn’t know that the work would become so popular. Maybe the next time it won’t be so lucky! “I won’t lose to you!” Shu Li replies with complex feelings. Tian Zhen’s feelings are also complex. She has never thought to defeat him! Besides, seeing him so distress, she suffers inside her heart too…

Shu Li plans to release a new product and Shang En also chases after him and urges Tian Zhen to design a new product. One night, when they are each in their own rooms staying up late to work, when Tian Zhen thinks about that fact that she is fighting with Shu Li, her feelings were in total confusion. She couldn’t concentrate and goes directly out to the courtyard to relax her mind. Shu Li also comes out to take a breath of fresh air. That night, the two of them threw away their worries, drives to the seaside and gathered up their mood again… When Tian Zhen opens her eyes, she discovers that she is actually leaning on Shu Li’s shoulder and fell asleep. Daybreak has come. “Why didn’t you wake me up?” Tian Zhen didn’t understand. “I think that this is very good.” Shu Li said. “This is very good? What does that mean?” There’s no need for Shu Li to answer. Tian Zhen knows part of the meaning already. Yup! The feeling of leaning on his shoulder is very good… but, is this definitely love???

Tian Zhen couldn’t hand in the draft of her design on time and Shang En repeatedly urges. Tian Zhen, in turn, asks Shang En a question. He and Shu Li are friends, so why does he have to release new products at the same time as Shu Li? Shang En replies that that is the tactics of fighting in the business world. She is an employee of the company, so she must listen according to the orders of the company! Why does Tian Zhen have to care about this? Shang En wonders if it could be that all his hints of his feelings to her have gone unnoticed because she likes Shu Li? If that is the case, then Shu Li is not only his opponent in business but also in the love too!

After a period of bustling about, Shu Li’s new product announcement gathering is about to be held. Yet there was only a small amount of the media, reporters and guests that showed up. After much inquiring, it was found out that the Milan Company is holding an announcement gathering at the same time too. Due to the fact that Shang En had contacted the media before, therefore, most of the reporters went to his meeting place; the next day, on the newspaper, the article reporting on Shu Li’s art is far from the length of Tian Zhen’s… Jia Ling knows that this is not good. If this continues on, how long will the company be able to hold out?

After work, Shu Li stays behind in his workshop, dejected and worried and Tian Qing also stays behind too. Shu Li expresses that after work she should go back. Tian Qing bravely expresses her feelings to him. She tells Shu Li that in her heart, Shu Li would forever be the best designer, so much that he even surpasses her sister. She encourages Shu Li not to be discouraged. She is willing to stay behind and keep him company… Jia Ling just happens to bump into Tian Qing’s confession. She feels that what Tian Qing said was really very touching, but it doesn’t help in a bit toward the reality of things! She won’t be as foolish as Tian Qing. Should she hurry up and look for another option?

Just as Jia Ling has guessed, Shu Li did not accept Tian Qing’s kind feelings and refused her keeping him company! Tian Qing is grieving! She has confessed this way and Shu Li is still refusing her this way, is it because she doesn’t attract him at all? Or is it truly because he doesn’t have any feelings toward girls? Suddenly, she really wants to see Chen Wei. Chen Wei knows how to comfort her own grieving heart!

Usually, girls who drink by themselves in a Pub are lonely. Shang En meets up with Jia Ling here and he quickly knows that she is a woman who would be able to help him. With his qualities and sweet talk, it would be hard for her to not feel anything towards him…

Sales in the market are not going so well and things just seems to get worst from there. There are news that clients are breaking their cooperative relationship one by one. Sure enough, it is Milan Company’s tactics on low-pricing. Shu Li is not surprised at all. What he is surprised at is: Why would Shang En have a list of his clients?

This succession of attacks causes the company to be in perilous danger and needs new funding. But how to raise such a large amount of money in such a short time? Jia Ling proposes, why not sell Xin Yuan? This house probably is worth a lot! Jia Ling is right and having no other choice, Shu Li asks Jia Ling to take care of this for him.

Jia Ling is able to find a buyer very quickly. The truth of it is, when Shang En finds out about this matter from her, he immediately arranged for someone to act in his place to buy the house. When Jia Ling brings the “buyer” to Xin Yuan, the buyer immediately wishes to finish the transaction and is willing to pay the deposit and sign the contract then and there… all of this, it is essential that they move out of the house… Tian Zhen is so depressed that she hides in the bathroom and secretly cries… and at the moment when the contract is supposed to be signed, Shu Li suddenly changes his mind and doesn’t want to sell anymore, “Why are you being so sad for? This house, however long you want to stay here to live, then stay…” Surprised, Tian Zhen knows that it was because she couldn’t bear to leave that Shu Li decides to keep Xin Yuan…

Using the excuse of not being able to do her work, Jia Ling hands Shu Li her resignation letter. Shang En has already promised to arranged a suitable position for her at the Milan Company. She has wasted a lot of time on Shu Li already and now she must firmly hold onto Shang En! Tian Zhen also raised to Shang En her desire to resign. Shang En reminded her: Your reputation, all and everything comes from my hands. If you leave me, then you will have nothing! Tian Zhen doesn’t believe that is the case. She has found true love and this true love is worth more than anything else!

Tian Zhen shows up at Shu Li’s company. Even if there is no pay, she would still work for Shu Li. Why is her elder sister willing to do this? Tian Qing doesn’t understand. But when she sees the look in Shu Li’s eyes when he looks at her sister, she immediately understands it all. Shu Li isn’t really a guy with no feelings at all… He has feelings for her sister… However, the confounded Tian Qing finds out that she really didn’t have any heartbreaking feelings at all. Why? Why is that?

Tian Zhen and Shu Li decided to work together to design new products. With the two of their strengths of appeals now, it is anticipated that they will certainly stir things up in the market and in the public. Yet without funding, there is no way of implementing all their plans. Just when Shu Li is searching everywhere for funding but with no avail, Cheng Jie appears… This woman, who, because of taking Shu Li’s father’s money in the past, abandoned Shu Li and left, she now wants to compensate for the wrong in the past. She is willing to invest in Shu Li and help him through this difficult time.

Would Shu Li accept Cheng Jie’s help? Would the two of them get back together again? Would Tian Zhen and Tian Qing be able to truly find and hold onto true love? Would Jia Ling be able to hold onto Shang En as she has hoped? As for Cheng Jie, why would she suddenly show up in front of Shu Li’s eyes after leaving for so many years? Would Shang En’s scheming mind and methods be able to succeed in hindering Tian Zhen and Shu Li and finally be able to pursue Tian Zhen? Shu Han Ji doesn’t hesitate to strike out at his son’s company and only wishes for him to return to his side. Would Shu Li truly be unable to escape from the control of his father’s palm? Moreover, he was against Shu Li and Cheng Jie getting together in the past, would he accept Tian Zhen now?

What kind of ending would the development of the plot lead to? These young men and women who are just starting their life, would they be able to obtain the wish that they seek for in their hearts? Whether happiness, whether true love, whether family love, whether friendship, or greedy wishes — the good and evil of life, the joy, anger, sorrow and delight, and partings and reunions, it is all being acted out.


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