A Chinese Ghost Story / 倩女幽魂

A Chinese Ghost Story / 倩女幽魂
Barbie Xu, Daniel Chan, Nie Yuan, Jessica Hsuan, Kimi Hsia, Jacky Wu, Chen Chuan Zhi, Shen Xiao Hai, Tian Niu, Yuen Wah, Zhu Yan, Teresa Mak, Bryan Wang, Sheren Tang, Victor Huang, Liu Xiao Feng, Chen Zi Han, Gabriel Harrison, Gallen Lo, Amy Chan, Jackie Lui
Genre: Drama
Sub Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Wuxia
Episodes: 40
Broadcast Year: 2003
Status: complete
English Subtitle: Yes
The empire of Tang has enjoyed a hundred years of prosperity since its founding. However, calamities and dangers nearly always lurk within affluent times.

Famous Taoist sect, Xuan Xin Zhen Zong’s forefather once discovered a huge stone cave in the deep mountain range, in the cave was a stone tablet carved with ancient writings. The ancient inscriptions foretold of all events since Tang Dynasty was founded, such as who would be the emperors, when would disasters occur, all of which were predicted with uncanny accuracy. What struck terror into the hearts of people was the last verse on the tablet, prophesying a grim future: When the constellation of Prince of Darkness Clashing with Seven Malignant Stars appears, Estranged Couple of Seven Lifetimes will be reborn. The demon sect will make use of the power from the acrimonious energy of the star-crossed lovers to dominate the world, turning it into a living hell. The tablet also stated clearly the time and place the Estranged Couple will be born, seemingly hoping that some destined person would stumble across the tablet, and come up with a plan to save the masses.


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